13 Arresting Home Libraries Across Maine

These expertly designed personal libraries will make a bibliophile out of anyone

If you’re anything like me, moving is a major pain because there are always boxes and boxes (and boxes) of heavy books to haul back and forth. However, despite the inconvenience, I will continue to tote my tomes as I move from apartment to apartment and (hopefully one day) house to house, because having books around not only makes me happy, but is also undeniably aesthetically pleasing. But integrating books into your home’s design can be a challenge. Bookshelves are an obvious solution, but they can be surprisingly expensive or unsightly. Ready to get creative? Check out this roundup of home libraries around the state for inspiration.

In a residence that looks out on York Harbor, floor-to-ceiling built-in shelving maximizes space in the small library, leaving room for a cozy sitting area. 

Interior Designer: Nadine Cole
Architect: Barbara Freeman
Photographer: Irvin Serrano
Location: York

The second-floor hallway of a post-and-beam home a few blocks away from Ogunquit beach was transformed into an interactive library, turning a transitional space into a room of its own. 

Interior Designer: Annsley McAleer
Architectural Planning: Riverbend Timber Framing
Builder: Chase Construction
Photographer: Michael J. Lee
Location: Ogunquit

In a southern Maine residence with an impressive art collection, the homeowner’s personal library was built into the wall (accommodating the slant of the roof), creating another surface for displaying art.

Architectural and Interior Designer: Evan Galen
Builder: Tozier Group Builders
Photographer: François Gagné
Location: Falmouth

The millwork of the library shelving and window seat in a painter’s home along the southern coast was painted a deep Prussian blue, creating a colorful backdrop for the owner’s impressive collection of books. 

Interior Designer: Karen McDonald
Builder: Eider Investments
Photographer: James Salomon
Location: Southern coast

Taking advantage of small moments throughout, the library of this MDI home inspired by Sister Parish is dispersed in numerous rooms.

Interior Designer: Tom Scheerer
Photographer: Jeff Roberts
Location: Somes Sound

Nestled into the sharp angle of the gabled roof of a home on Deer Isle, this personal library’s built-in shelves leave plenty of room for the space to be flexible for different uses.

Interior Designer: Kenna Haines
Builder: Michael Gray
Photographer: Matt Kalinowski
Location: Deer Isle

Lining a hallway that surrounds a central glass-enclosed stairwell (lit from above by skylights), the open-shelved library of an avant garde midcoast home creates a wall between the common space and the homeowner’s personal studio.

Architect: Theodore and Theodore Architecture
Builder: Maine Post and Beam
Photographer: Trent Bell
Location: Midcoast Maine

Making use of the transitional space between the main living area and the homeowner’s office, the hallway of this home nestled on the southern coast was designed to emulate traditional library stacks.

Architect: Whitten Architects
Builder: Maine Coast Builders
Photographer: Trent Bell
Location: Southern Coast

Before a woodstove was installed in the sunroom of this modern Cape Elizabeth home, the owners closed off the original fireplace, painted it white, and filled in the vacant space with books for visual appeal.

Architect: Jocelyn O Dickson Architecture
Builder: O’Brien Wood and Iron
Photographer: Greta Rybus
Location: Cape Elizabeth

A quiet moment on the staircase of a North Haven family compound was livened up by the addition of paperbacks propped along a beam, adding interest to an otherwise utilitarian space.

Architect: Nate McBride
Builder: Rockport Post and Beam
Photographer: Read McKendree
Location: North Haven

An architectural bookshelf in a Bar Harbor residence filled with an impressive art collection serves as both an attractive way to display books, and a piece of functional art in one. 

Interior Designer: Brett Johnson, MSDCo.
Photographer: François Gagné
Bookshelf Designer: Kevin Rodel
Location: Bar Harbor

In a modern coastal residence just a short walk from the beach, floor-to-ceiling shelving in the home office and den add an element of color and coziness.

Interior Designer: Krista Stokes
Architect: Whitten Architects
Builder: Bowley Builders
Photographer: Trent Bell
Location: Southern Maine

Built-in seats on either side of the massive stone fireplace in this barn-inspired residence on Great Cranberry Island provide the perfect perch to take advantage of the massive library of paperbacks set back into the wall.

Interior Designer: Leandra Fremont-Smith
Architect: John B. Tittman
Builder: Richard Babcock
Photographer: Jeff Roberts
Location: Great Cranberry Island

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