Artful Point

The town of Cushing is not even remotely on the beaten path, and yet it is a place—and a landscape—that is deeply enmeshed in the American imagination. It is where Joan Rockwell’s family has lived for well more than a … Continue reading

Unified Front

The two houses are located 175 miles apart, and their neighborhoods couldn’t be more different. One sits in downtown Portland, perched above asphalt and cobblestones. The other opens onto a lush garden with views (in the winter) of Acadia National … Continue reading

A Splendid Reunion

Long before moving to Portland, I traveled here with a talented New York architect named Evan Galen. By then, our professional relationship (I styled his residential projects for photography) had blossomed into friendship. Evan had renovated a grand house in … Continue reading

Dare to Dream

Mural Bedroom FIRM: SAMANTHA S. PAPPAS DESIGNER: SAMANTHA S. PA PAS PHOTOGRAPHER: COURTNEY ELIZABETH LOCATION: YARMOUTH  Samantha S. Pappas draws a lot of inspiration for many of her projects from the outdoors. She seeks to bring the calm of nature into … Continue reading

From the Ground, Up

Among Maine’s many natural charms, from the paper birches of the highland mountains to the secluded beaches of the northern coast, granite is perhaps the easiest to overlook. It’s everywhere. This hard, speckled stone is the foundation of the state, both physically … Continue reading

Mountain Majesty

They say opposites attract, so why wouldn’t the saying ring true for a person’s design sensibility? When Sarah Iselin decided to build a vacation house in Bethel, she knew she didn’t want it to be anything like her primary residence in Newton, … Continue reading

The New Wave

2020 ARCHITECTURE LISTING – COMMERCIAL Atlantic Brewing Midtown Atlantic Brewing Midtown is a new commercial venture aimed at capturing local, authentic flavor in a creative and sustainable manner. The structure is at the end of a major retail development on … Continue reading

Up From the Ashes

The nautilus shell, with its curved, spiraling shape and multiple internal chambers, symbolizes creation, movement, fluidity, and evolution. So it seems fitting that it pops up a few times in the home Tom West recently designed and built in Standish, with … Continue reading

Modular Masterpiece

Helena Galle, founder of a website for women over 40 called Grey-Feathers, is nothing if not ebullient. Asked to name her favorite aspect of the house that she and her lawyer husband, Craig Galle, built on the Kennebunkport coast, she comes … Continue reading

An Architect Grows in Brooklin

One summer day, the New York architect Gil Scha – fer happened upon this house—an unremarkable modified A-frame in Brooklin. It had red-painted shingles on the outside and orange-stained wood throughout the interior. Still, it was in an extraordinary setting, … Continue reading