New Elevations—2022 Architecture Listing

Residential Modern Farmhouse The size and shape of the buildable lot area, along with the clients’ desire for a prominent entry and hidden garage, contributed to the bent shape of this residence. The owners wanted a comfortable home that would … Continue reading

Drink and Sketch 2022

We acknowledge that computers are needed to present data and produce complex construction documents, but the architect’s hand should never become obsolete as a creative tool. Throughout history, some of the most iconic designs have been conceived on a napkin, … Continue reading

Living With Art

“For this project we started with a dated cottage and brought it forward in time, with a focus on capturing the amazing views so that they could be embraced from as many sections of the house as possible. The clients … Continue reading

A Scandinavian-Inspired Camp on MDI Keeps it Clean and Simple

For Mainers, the old word “rusticators” implied wealthy city folk who descended each summer on countless lake camps around the state. Especially on Mount Desert Island (MDI), this term encompassed Astors and Rockefellers. But in truth, the first “rusticators” who … Continue reading