At First Blush

Mallika Malhotra long imagined having her own creative space. As a photographer, brand strategist, and mentor who works with female entrepreneurs to develop and hone their brands, Malhotra desired a place that goes beyond the typical home office. She envisioned … Continue reading

Take to the Trees

Anne Shirley, an eleven-year-old orphan, approaches Green Gables in a carriage, her arm “black and blue” from all the times she’s pinched it to make sure she isn’t dreaming, that she really is coming home. The carriage stops under a … Continue reading

First Light

Sometimes, an entire home hinges on one focal point: a bay window, a dramatic staircase, a complicated bit of masonry. In this case, it’s a painting. Greg and Tracey Tuthill were at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk when they saw … Continue reading

Her Space

What kid hasn’t been occasionally booted out of their room onto a La-Z-boy in the den to accommodate their parents’ overnight guests? It’s a small childhood indignity, but one we usually accept with a roll of the eyes and a … Continue reading

Artful Abode

For five decades Martha and Geoffrey Clark had been holding onto a wooded lot in Martha’s hometown of York, but it took quite a few downed trees—the result of a windstorm ten years ago—for them to finally realize what a … Continue reading


Some say it was a stray firecracker. Others claimed it was a carelessly discarded cigar. But whatever ignited Portland’s Great Fire on Independence Day 1866, the effects were swift and devastating. Propelled by strong winds, it charred its way from … Continue reading

Kindred Spirits

Years ago, I thought I’d write a book on artists’ spaces. People so focused on aesthetics, I reasoned, would surely have thoughtfully designed interiors. I discovered, however, that many artists intentionally do not design their spaces, preferring instead to keep … Continue reading

Inside Look

RESIDENTIAL Foreside Gem Firm: Susie Smith Coughlin Interior Design Designer: Susie Coughlin Photographer: Peter Morneau Location: Falmouth The goal for this home was to feel like an adventure. So that, when a person came into the space, they would get … Continue reading

A Camp for All Seasons

In order for a vacation home to qualify as a camp, it needs a few key components: water access, a fireplace, and sleeping space for the entire family. A camp can be rustic and bare-bones, or it can be sophisticated … Continue reading

Family Retreat

Scarborough Beach has played a large role in the Black family’s history. Their relationship with the sandy stretch of land dates back decades; Andrew Black’s grandparents stayed at the historic Atlantic House hotel for their honey-moon in 1930. Andrew spent … Continue reading