12 Ways of Looking at a Tent

Last summer, 12 interior designers and artists created a series of glamping (a portmanteau of “glamorous” and “camping”) tents at Sandy Pines Campground in Kennebunkport. The designs ran the gamut from nautical to woodsy, globally eclectic to hyper-local, and each … Continue reading

Neighbors, Friends, and Friends of Friends

Word of mouth helps a budget-conscious couple build an eco-friendly, modern home

Art All Around

Surrounded by natural beauty, echoes of history, and the fruits of their creative labors, the Moser family has built an unforgettable home in Harpswell

Found Objects

High on a hill in Rockport, artists Steven and Sal Taylor Kydd have created a soulful home for their family, their art, and their ever-growing collection of meaningful, beautiful things

Returning Home

After a flood, an artist repairs and rethinks an old farmhouse

New Life

Art, antiques, and other collectibles recombine in a renovated Kennebunk Cape

Modern Nature

A contemplative modern cabin set in the Kennebunkport woods.

Fits to a “T”

A house nestles into, and soars over, land in Harpswell

Open & Airy

A family camp on Long Lake uses natural materials and thoughtful design decisions to bring the outdoors in