Design Theory

Continuing Ed

“It was a fantastic education for an architect with a passion for residential work, to learn how to frame and square a wall, frame a roof, install windows, build windows, build a kitchen, do roofing, run trim, and apply siding.” … Continue reading

Lindsay Stone

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

“I want to create objects that are haunting with sentiment for my viewer to hopefully feel too.” MH+D ASKS STONE TO TELL US MORE. Q. What is the biggest driver for your art? A. It’s expressing a feeling or emotion … Continue reading

Daring to Discover

“We’re able to get into both the macro and micro levels of a space to create a truly tailored and unique experience for our clients and their families or patrons.“ MH+D ASKS ASHEY TO TELL US MORE. Q. Can you … Continue reading

A profile photo of Stefan Rurak

Art And/Or Design

“It was the act of pushing my body to uncomfortable extremes, testing my limit, that was paramount to me. This is when I knew that this was a viable path to making a happy living, a journey where I could … Continue reading

Design Theory | Linda Meyers

“It’s finding the balance between tamed and wild.” MH+D ASKS MEYERS TO TELL US MORE. Q. Your home is incredible and filled with some iconic pieces. Would you say the interior of your home reflects your design ethos? A. Absolutely! … Continue reading

Design Theory | Addy Smith-Reiman

“It turns out one of the greatest threats to these migratory birds is glass— from small-scale residential to large-scale commercial.” MH+D ASKS SMITH-REIMAN TO TELL US MORE. Q. How did you initially get involved in bird-safe architecture? A. In 2017 … Continue reading