Design Theory

The Future of Design, According to Dr. Laura Freid

“The World Economic Forum has identified complex problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity as the top three skills needed to succeed—these are all skills central to a design education.” MH+D ASKS FREID TO TELL US MORE. Q. Why did Maine College … Continue reading

Creating Culture

“A great work culture is a combo of having pride and passion for the work we do, making genuine connections with clients and coworkers, giving back to the community, and reducing the negative impact on our environment.” MH+D ASKS MCKINNELL … Continue reading

Strength in Numbers

“New team members have brought new skills and interests—they’ve added depth to what we do and how we do it.” MH+D ASKS WHITTEN TO TELL US MORE. Q. What is an important lesson you’ve learned practicing architecture in Maine over … Continue reading

Perfect Prefab

“The housing demand in destination and waterfront communities like ours far exceeds availability and affordability for our much-needed workforce. We want to use our talents as an employee-owned company to significantly impact the number of housing options for Mainers throughout … Continue reading


“I want the inside of the house to reflect the outside—there’s a happiness and an ease to living on the coast, and I want my designs to echo that.” MH+D ASKS NICOLA TO TELL US MORE. Q. You are known … Continue reading

Builder Alan Gibson of GO Logic on the Future of Construction

“The future of building is with lower embodied carbon materials, higher performing envelopes, and off-site construction.” MH+D ASKS GIBSON TO TELL US MORE. Q. When did GO Logic start using prefabricated products in building their passive homes? A. GO Logic … Continue reading