Design Theory

Builder Alan Gibson of GO Logic on the Future of Construction

“The future of building is with lower embodied carbon materials, higher performing envelopes, and off-site construction.” MH+D ASKS GIBSON TO TELL US MORE. Q. When did GO Logic start using prefabricated products in building their passive homes? A. GO Logic … Continue reading

Building on Beauty

“As an architect, I’ve often, if not too often, used the word ‘beautiful’ to describe buildings, spaces, and materials that I have found to be appealing. In truth, it’s because I want things to be beautiful.” MH+D ASKS MORRIS TO … Continue reading

Heart & Hand

“I believe that story is the fuel, the philosophy, the belief system, and, ultimately, the truth in everything we create.” MH+D ASKS NASH TO TELL US MORE. Q. Why illustration? A. At my core, I am a narrative artist. My … Continue reading

Work-Life Balance

“The workspace should feel like a home away from home where employees can be their best, most productive selves.” MH+D ASKS BALLARD TO TELL US MORE. Q. Tell us about the “resimercial” approach you took in your design of Knickerbocker … Continue reading

Continuing Ed

“It was a fantastic education for an architect with a passion for residential work, to learn how to frame and square a wall, frame a roof, install windows, build windows, build a kitchen, do roofing, run trim, and apply siding.” … Continue reading

Lindsay Stone

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

“I want to create objects that are haunting with sentiment for my viewer to hopefully feel too.” MH+D ASKS STONE TO TELL US MORE. Q. What is the biggest driver for your art? A. It’s expressing a feeling or emotion … Continue reading

Daring to Discover

“We’re able to get into both the macro and micro levels of a space to create a truly tailored and unique experience for our clients and their families or patrons.“ MH+D ASKS ASHEY TO TELL US MORE. Q. Can you … Continue reading