Design Theory

The Empathy Effect

Jessie Carroll on inspiration, intuition, and intention.

Shaping Society

Peter C. Anderson on purpose, form, and a spirit of place. “As an architect, my value to a client goes beyond providing solutions to the basic problem of delivering this much area for that many dollars,” says Peter C. Anderson of SMRT in Portland. “While those … Continue reading

Artful Architecture For Aging

Architects are like artists,” says Rebecca Dillon, principal at Gawron Turgeon Architects. “We must use our imagination and skill to develop inviting compositions.” With a focus on designing buildings for senior living, Dillon discusses the importance of artistic thinking while … Continue reading

David Morris | Calen Johnsons Architects and Builders | MH+D

Finding the True Essence

David Morris of Caleb Johnson Architects and Builders on the responsibility—and challenges—of giving voice to clients’ dreams

Chris Delano | AIA Design Theory | Maine Home+Design

Showing Their Stories

Architect Chris Delano believes thoughtful buildings choreograph and inspire people to more deeply appreciate and understand their land

Adaptive Reuse | AIA Design Theory | Maine Home+Design

Adaptive Reuse

Architect Mike Sealander on converting dilapidated building into spaces that will stand the test of time

Positive Impact

With a focus on health care and higher education, Nicole Rogers of SMRT Architects and Engineers designs complex buildings that service hundreds of people daily. These projects must respond to the diverse needs of a wide range of occupants. “With … Continue reading

Core Principals

Architect Tor Glendinning on Three Pillars of Good Design

Design Flexibility | Architect Christopher Grotton | Maine Home+Design

Flexibility in Design

Architect Christopher Grotton on the need for spaces that can grow and adapt along with their occupants