Design Wire

Design Wire March/April 2021

Twin brothers Nick and Steve Tidball of the futuristic clothing brand VOLLEBAK have created a solar-powered, glow-in-the-dark winter coat. The SOLAR CHARGED PUFFER ($1,295) contains an ultra-thin polyurethane membrane that, like a plant, rapidly absorbs any light it comes into … Continue reading

Design Wire January 2021

Los Angeles–based design studio ZIMARTY has created an architectural face mask that meets CDC guidelines called the ZMASK. The design was inspired by origami, and the designers studied paper folding techniques to find the right geometry. A 3D-folded structure rests … Continue reading

Design Wire December 2020

ADIDAS and design studio KRAM/WEISSHAAR have created a robotically woven shoe upper, called STRUNG, that is made to the exact specification of the wearer’s foot, including factors like what the individual’s foot shape and stride is like. “With bespoke software … Continue reading

Design Wire November 2020

Around the world, far too many feet have been afflicted by the razor-sharp edges of Legos. LEGO and IKEA have teamed up to create a solution that may soothe weary soles: a unique storage system that doubles as a play … Continue reading