Natural Wisdom

Ted Carter has been planting, growing, and pruning since he was a child. Growing up in suburban Chicago, he found himself drawn to every wild, overgrown space. “I was kind of a loner,” the landscape designer says. “Though I am … Continue reading

Sweet Ride

When Billy Landenberger was growing up in Attleboro, Massachusetts, there “wasn’t really a longboard scene.” But when it comes to chasing adrenaline, it doesn’t take much to get a teenager’s gears turning. A few of his friends built a half-pipe, … Continue reading

Down to the Studio with Mr. Van Dusen

You wouldn’t know it from Chris Van Dusen’s popular 2009 children’s book, The Circus Ship, but the true story of the shipwreck is a tragic one. There was a fire, too few lifeboats, a few horses that escaped to shore, … Continue reading

Curious Creatures

Ceramics artist Brooke Knippa lives on a tiny dirt road in Bowdoinham that my navigation app fails to recognize. Even in Maine, this is unusual, but fortunately the potter had prepared for this and emailed instructions ahead of time. “Our house is … Continue reading

Finding a Fit

There’s a piece of California hidden in Heide Martin’s Rockland studio. It’s located behind all the sawdust-strewn workbenches, behind the cabinet filled with Japanese handsaws and Lie-Nielsen handtools, up the metal set of stairs, inside her sparse office space. Her husband … Continue reading

Tending the Flock

Christina Watka gives a visitor a tour through her eighteenthcentury farmhouse in Cape Elizabeth to the studio where she creates her ethereal installation art. Across the driveway are the scattered remnants of a barn she and her husband, Andrew Halchak, … Continue reading

In Full Color


Made Man