MH+D Inside Out

Design shapes our homes and the way we live. The layout of a living room transforms the way a family interacts; quality materials help us breathe better, and an artful detail anchors us in the present moment and reminds us to appreciate beauty, wherever we can find it. Our homes represent our lives in the private sphere, what is purely ours, and who we think we are. We want them designed well, the way we have designed our lives. And we want the same for our communities, for our schools, offices, stores, and restaurants. But what drives good design? In MH+D Inside Out, Maine Home+Design interviews builders, architects, and interior designers from our community and gets inside some of the top minds in the industry. Read on for their stories, tips, and sources of inspiration.

Penelope Daborn on Understanding Beauty

“Beauty comes in many forms,” interior designer Penelope Daborn says. Growing up in East Africa, she learned to love the way the light enriches earthy colors like greens and ochers. In India, she appreciated saturated jewel tones, and in New … Continue reading

Jeff Binette on Enhancing Technology in the Home

“One day, it just clicked,” says Jeff Binette, owner of SmartHome Solutions. “I realized that there was a growing need for technology in the home.” Binette’s childhood captivation with construction combined with his background in computer science influenced his decision … Continue reading

Leadership Lessons from Joe Capozza III

As a child, Joe Capozza III used to clean his father’s warehouse in exchange for movie rentals. Now, he’s vice president. He joined the family business, Capozza Tile & Floor Covering Center, in 2009 and earned his way to a … Continue reading

Josh Howell on Approaching Building as an Expedition

An outdoorsman and an environmentalist, Josh Howell spent years hiking and writing around South America, including a stint as a river guide and guidebook author in Chile. Now the owner of JD Howell and Company, a residential building company that … Continue reading