MH+D Inside Out

Design shapes our homes and the way we live. The layout of a living room transforms the way a family interacts; quality materials help us breathe better, and an artful detail anchors us in the present moment and reminds us to appreciate beauty, wherever we can find it. Our homes represent our lives in the private sphere, what is purely ours, and who we think we are. We want them designed well, the way we have designed our lives. And we want the same for our communities, for our schools, offices, stores, and restaurants. But what drives good design? In MH+D Inside Out, Maine Home+Design interviews builders, architects, and interior designers from our community and gets inside some of the top minds in the industry. Read on for their stories, tips, and sources of inspiration.

Heidi Lachapelle and Katie Judkins on Storytelling in Design

For several years, Heidi Lachapelle worked as visual manager at Anthropologie, crafting the way store displays told the brand’s story. Katie Judkins worked in corporate at L.L.Bean. After renovating their own houses, and becoming mothers who craved more flexible schedules, … Continue reading

Dan Kolbert on Respecting the History of a House

In college, Dan Kolbert, owner of Kolbert Building in Portland, majored in history. Although Kolbert became a builder, not a historian—“I totally stumbled upon this,” he says—he came to realize that an understanding of history still factors into his career … Continue reading

Scott Martin on Keeping Business Simple

Like many in the design community, Scott Martin began building in high school. He worked odd jobs through college, and eventually started his own business, D. Scott Martin Builders, a full-service, residential construction company. Martin sits down with MH+D Inside … Continue reading

Erik Milles of Reflex Lighting Group on Lighting Communities

Reflex Lighting Group, a lighting solutions provider based in the northeast, recently expanded into Maine. Erik Milles, a mechanical engineer and lifelong resident of the state, has recently been assigned to provide lighting specification support for residential and commercial projects … Continue reading