Living Color

White Out

Legendary decorator Elsie de Wolfe once said, “I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint,” which aptly sums up the age-old approach to Maine summerhouse decorating. However, harnessing the full power of the color white is more complex than … Continue reading

Hello, Sunshine!

A color so delicious you could eat it, butter yellow is a sweet antidote to dreary days. “Since Maine skies are gray for a good part of the year, soft yellow provides some needed relief,” says Jeanne Handy, the principal … Continue reading

Fade to Gray

When it comes to decor, gray is a complex color. Get it right, and it can create an enchanting environment. Get it wrong, and you’ve got a color that looks downright institutional. But designers say it’s worth the trouble to … Continue reading

Into the Woods

Deep greens have been having a moment in interior design for the past several years. The Pantone Institute identified emerald green as the color of the year for 2013, and in 1stDibs’s 2021 trends survey, which polled more than 700 … Continue reading

Midnight Shades

Many of us love a room bursting with color, but sometimes we also crave the depth and contrast that black brings to a space. Used sparingly, black can be the finishing touch to a room. Employed in abundance, black has … Continue reading

burnt orange wet bar

Warming Effect

Think of burnt orange as a deep shade of orange with its brightness stripped back—a bit brown, a little dark, and decidedly distinguished. It is a color that lends instant warmth to any interior where it is used. “Burnt orange … Continue reading

Norman Cherner’s iconic “Pretzel” armchair sits in a plum interior design

Rule of Plum

  Evocative of the fruit from which it takes its name, plum is a delicious color. Cool and warm at once, plum balances the heat and abundance of late summer with the depth of fall days just around the corner. … Continue reading

Mood Indigo

No matter where you put a pin on a map of the world, you’re likely to find indigo blue as part of the country’s visual culture. Indigo has been used to dye cloth from the Far East to the Andes. … Continue reading

Sage Advice

Sage is a tricky color to define: It is decidedly green but with a strong gray cast. Sages can range from deeper, mid-range tones to the palest, almost-white hues. One thing that is common to all sages is that they … Continue reading

At First Blush

Pink has had something of a renaissance in the past five years, after a particular dusty shade of rose was deemed “millennial pink.” This trending pink has popped up everywhere, from hip skin-care packaging to restaurant interiors. It has saturated … Continue reading