Living Color

Buffalo Check is the Plaid of the Moment

Buffalo plaid or lumberjack check: whatever you call it, an oversized red and black gingham calls to mind cozy flannel shirts and warm wool blankets. But there’s so much more to this large-scale gingham than that one rustic note. Rendered … Continue reading

Color Drench Your Home in This Grounded Shade of Green

Shades of green have been popular in interiors for the past decade. Craving more nature in their screen-filled lives, homeowners have been bringing the color of the outdoors into their indoor environments. Interior designers have embraced greens from classic emerald … Continue reading

The Right Stripes

Picture crisp, wide stripes of white alternating with wide bands of color, and your mind is sure to drift to summer—think beach towels, sun umbrellas, and canvas awnings. These classic stripes are often called “cabana stripes,” hinting at their connection … Continue reading

Peachy Keen

It may be months before peaches appear at farmstands, but spring blossoms have us daydreaming about all the pretty pastel colors, especially pale peaches. Named for the fruit, peach is a tint of orange, but it is closer in color … Continue reading

Coral Crush

The Pantone Institute named “Living Coral” its Color of the Year back in 2019, and as color trends tend to go, it took a couple of years for such a fashion-forward hue to seep its way into the home space. … Continue reading

Organic, Sophisticated Brown is Having a Moment

In the nearly two years that we’ve run our Living Color column, we’ve explored shades from blush to indigo (and even black and white), but we’ve never tackled nature’s most abundant hue: brown. When it comes to decor, brown is … Continue reading

An Irresistible Blue Tone to Refresh Your Home

The phrase “sky blue” has been used to describe color for centuries: James Murray’s A New English Dictionary dates the first use of the phrase to 1728, but there are documented uses of “sky blue” in the English language going … Continue reading