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Leadership Lessons from Joe Capozza III

As a child, Joe Capozza III used to clean his father’s warehouse in exchange for movie rentals. Now, he’s vice president. He joined the family business, Capozza Tile & Floor Covering Center, in 2009 and earned his way to a leadership position. Joe Capozza III is at the helm of a rapidly growing company; last year, the business grew by 50 percent. Its success has not gone unrecognized. Last week, the Institute for Family-Owned Business announced Capozza as the winner of its Reny’s Large Business Award. In this installment of MH+D Inside Out, Joe Capozza III explains how he empowers his team to make decisions and offers insight into the future of the family business.

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Josh Howell on Approaching Building as an Expedition

An outdoorsman and an environmentalist, Josh Howell spent years hiking and writing around South America, including a stint as a river guide and guidebook author in Chile. Now the owner of JD Howell and Company, a residential building company that specializes in energy efficiency, Howell has transferred his passion for adventure into building energy-efficient homes on the midcoast. Howell tells MH+D Inside Out about sustainable building and explains why every project is a journey.

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Cloth Interiors’s Teri Cardinelli on her Lifelong Love of Fabric

“I’m just passionately in love with fabric,” says Teri Cardinelli in this installment of MH+D Inside Out. “I have been my whole life.” After starting out as a fashion designer, Cardinelli moved into quilting and then decorating before she noticed a rising demand for a fabric shop. During the recession she opened Cloth Interiors in Kennebunk, a fabric center that carries a range of high-quality textiles and offers window treatments and design consultation services. Cardinelli tells us about upcoming trends in fabric design.

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TPK Cabinetry’s Eugene Sherstyukov on Appreciating High-End Craftsmanship

As a child in Uzbekistan, Eugene Sherstyukov used to help his father with various maintenance projects at the hospital where he worked. After pursuing a career in information technology, he took a short-term job working for his father-in-law, a cabinetmaker, and loved it. Now the owner of TPK Cabinetry in Yarmouth, Sherstyukov tells MH+D Inside Out why he appreciates high-end cabinetry.

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Mike Manning of MGM Builders on Thirty Years of Business

“As you can tell, I’m passionate about building homes,” says Mike Manning, owner of MGM Builders. This fall Manning and his wife, Anne, celebrate 30 years of business. In the past 30 years, MGM Builders has built more than 200 homes. In this installment of our MH+D Inside Out series, Manning explains what it’s like to build a business for decades, as he prepares to someday pass it down to his children.

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Joseph Waltman on Innovation in Architecture

Although Joseph Waltman designs more than he builds, he maintains a deep interest in the process of building and its history. “The origin of the word ‘architect’ is ‘master builder,’” he says. “Drawings were tools for building. That’s still what it’s all about.” When he designs, Waltman relies on history, building science, and his own inspiration to support the next great movement in architecture. Read on for his interview in our MH+D Inside Out series.

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