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Barrett Stowell on Rising Above Design Constraints

A freelance designer and a ninth-generation Mainer, Barrett Stowell frequently creates innovative, modern designs for Chilton Furniture. He also owns his own design studio called Bearbird. As his advice to designers, Stowell says, “First, reach for the clouds and disregard any of the constraints.” In his interview with MH+D Inside Out, Stowell talks about his work with Chilton and his belief in designing the impossible.

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Kristi Kenney of KW Architects on Designing Challenging Spaces

Kristi Kenney of KW Architects designed the Kennebunk home that was featured on the cover of Maine Home+Design in June of 2017. Located on a strip of land between a marsh and the ocean, the property illustrates Kenney’s specialty perfectly; she loves the challenge of seeking out-of-the-box design solutions for seaside properties. Kenney tells MH+D Inside Out why restrictions help rather than inhibit her creative process.

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