Shop Talk

Crafting the Future

At Huston & Company, a father-son team builds more than just furniture

Wharf Side Story

At its Portland headquarters, Sea Bags continues to write new chapters with repurposed sails 

Motive Furniture

At Motive Furniture, a husband-and-wife team has created a stunning showroom that mixes classic midcentury modern finds with other bold twentieth-century designs

Soft Touch

At Nicola’s Home in Yarmouth, designer Nicola Manganello has created a suitably grand showroom for her thoughtfully eclectic designs

Fit To Be Tied

Inside Marlinespike Chandlery in Stonington, you’ll find custom-made bell ropes and beckets surrounded by a stock of vintage buoys, wooden beads, rusted fishhooks, and other charming nautical relics

Big Barn, Small Batch

From April to December, Farm Plus Table in Cape Porpoise sells small-batch gifts, locally made home goods, and thoughtful kitchenware

Finds From Away

Island Teak imports quality wood furniture from halfway around the world, designed with Maine in mind

Color Me Happy

Company C is Portland’s mecca for textile lovers, offering custom upholstery, interior design services, bedding, rugs, and more.