Shop Talk

An Artful Life

One at a Time

Crafting the Future

At Huston & Company, a father-son team builds more than just furniture

Wharf Side Story

At its Portland headquarters, Sea Bags continues to write new chapters with repurposed sails 

Motive Furniture

At Motive Furniture, a husband-and-wife team has created a stunning showroom that mixes classic midcentury modern finds with other bold twentieth-century designs

Soft Touch

At Nicola’s Home in Yarmouth, designer Nicola Manganello has created a suitably grand showroom for her thoughtfully eclectic designs

Fit To Be Tied

Inside Marlinespike Chandlery in Stonington, you’ll find custom-made bell ropes and beckets surrounded by a stock of vintage buoys, wooden beads, rusted fishhooks, and other charming nautical relics

Big Barn, Small Batch

From April to December, Farm Plus Table in Cape Porpoise sells small-batch gifts, locally made home goods, and thoughtful kitchenware