Pattern Play

Like color, a room can typically withstand a little more pattern than one may think,” writes Meg Braff in The Decorated Home. “I always encourage pushing the proverbial envelope a bit.” In this cheery space, patterns range from a zig-zag rug to animal print pillows to ikat draperies. For a similar look, pair a modern geometric rug—hand-tufted in India and GoodWeave- certified—with leopard print pillows in picnic green, then accessorize with a swirly brass candelabra and textural porcelain lantern. To mix and match prints, keep the color palette consistent and vary size and scale. “And most of all,” warns Braff, “never let your pattern choices get too serious.”

Northern Exposure

This story-and-a-half cottage illustrates a common design problem for properties with north-facing views: how to bring sunlight into the principal living spaces? In this case, the living area and bedrooms are strung along the north side of the house to capture views of Stonington’s Crockett Cove filtered through a lovely stand of spruce, while the support spaces face south. The solution uses the stairwell as a light scoop that allows the winter sun to penetrate deep into the center of the house. The stairwell also creates a chimney effect for natural cooling in the summer by drawing breezes across the ground floor and venting them through high windows.

Bright-Minded Home

Q+A with Caleb Johnson of Caleb Johnson Architects and Builders about the benefits of solar shades

Nick and Molly LaVecchia’s home (Small Footprint, Big Impact, page 110) in Scarborough is a 1,000-square-foot passive solar home. Heated with a heat pump powered by the solar panels, the home generates as much energy as it uses. Designed and built by Caleb Johnson Architects and Builders, it relies on solar shades to optimize the performance of the passive solar siting.

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