Erik Milles of Reflex Lighting Group on Lighting Communities

Reflex Lighting Group, a lighting solutions provider based in the northeast, recently expanded into Maine. Erik Milles, a mechanical engineer and lifelong resident of the state, has recently been assigned to provide lighting specification support for residential and commercial projects in Maine. MH+D Inside Out talks to him and Daryl Swanson, director of marketing, on how appropriate lighting can transform a space and why they believe corporations should give back to their communities.

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The Farnsworth Art Museum’s Anneli Skaar on Painting the Arctic

Fine artist and graphic designer Anneli Skaar was recently named as the new creative director at the Farnsworth Art Museum. Born to Norwegian parents, Skaar nourishes a lifelong interest in tundra territories, which often surfaces as the subject of her oil paintings. In her interview with MH+D Inside Out, Skaar explains why she focuses on the Arctic in her most recent work and how Rockland has become a top arts destination.

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Ben Block on Commitment to Craft

Ben Block originally wanted to become a musician. As he searched for work, he started a job as a cabinetmaker, where his boss told him, “Be careful what you get good at.” Despite the well-intentioned advice, Block fell in love with craftsmanship and eventually started a custom cabinet company, Block Brothers Custom Cabinets, which is named after his parents’ sawmill in Monroe. In this installment of MH+D Inside Out, he reveals the value of perfectionism paired with a strong work ethic.

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