Introducing Marvin Modern

The latest in innovative window and door design is now available at Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber

While traditional shingle- and farmhouse-style houses remain a popular choice for homeowners in Maine, architects and builders are increasingly asked for modern homes, according to Sarah Isakson, marketing manager for Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber in Portland. When applied to architecture, “modern” does not refer to a singular style, but rather to a philosophy, a way of designing buildings that prioritizes function and avoids any purely decorative elements. These houses recall designs by architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Philip Johnson, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, whose famous “less is more” aphorism defines the modernist approach. “From the coastline to the mountains, we are seeing more and more modern homes in Maine,” says Isakson.

Today’s modern homes are characterized by streamlined features: stripped-down, linear spaces; thoughtful use of materials; high ceilings; and, perhaps most notably, large glass windows and doors that connect the interior to the outdoors. “What is interesting to me about the modern philosophy is that it factors in how people live in their space and interact with their environment,” Isakson says. “Because everything is made-to-order, Marvin has always been able to do these large expanses of glass. And now, with Marvin Modern, we can give architects and builders even more of what they want.”

Marvin Modern, an innovative line that embodies the principles of modern design, is the latest launch from the world’s largest manufacturer of made-to-order window and door products. Marvin Modern products feature narrower mulls (where large expanses of glass are joined together)—three-inches wide instead of the standard six or seven inches—allowing for a less-obstructed view. “The idea is to bring the outdoors into our houses because we are spending more time inside than outside,” says John Collins, sales consultant with Marvin Design Gallery by Eldredge Lumber. “Large windows and wide-opening doors create more fresh air movement and provide picture frames for the exterior view.”

Marvin Modern products feature a proprietary frame design with exteriors of high-density, poltruded fiberglass, a material that carries the weight of the window within the frame and provides maximum thermal efficiency. Interiors are low-gloss aluminum with black spacer bars and black sealant to minimalize visual distractions, and there are multiple options of exterior and interior colors that coordinate with matching hardware. Built-in drywall returns allow for easy wall integration and consistent frame reveal.

The Marvin Modern line includes multi-slide doors, direct glaze (plate glass) windows, and casement and awning windows. The products are modular, making it easier to incorporate them into a building project than windows and doors that have to be custom-designed. Installation has been streamlined as well. “When you order multiple Marvin Modern windows and doors, they come packaged and delivered with simple instructions and all the parts you need,” Isakson says. An online visualizer tool, available at ( makes it easy for homeowners to design Marvin Modern windows and doors in sizes and colors to fit their projects. “We are excited to have architects and builders come to us with their requests and not have to compromise,” says Isakson. “Marvin Modern is really going to make an impact on modern home design and construction in Maine.”

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