Drawing Board

Located on a Ricky hilltop site overlooking Penobscot Bay, this Rockport residence engages with the site through a process of subtraction. The project proposes an efficient square-shaped single-story plan. Areas of the facade are recessed to create several sheltered entry points and covered outdoor spaces. The rooflines of a gabled form are cut away in profile to reduce overall building volume and create opportunities for clerestory windows. The outer planes of the volume will be clad in natural-weathering cedar siding. The recessed areas will be darkened with pine tar stain to accentuate the carved forms.

Typical of all GO Logic’s projects, the home will be built with a super insulated, Passive House–level building envelope. In addition to their typical energy modeling for operational energy performance, with this project GO Logic is assessing the total embodied energy in the project using new software tools that create complete life-cycle analysis. It is their intention to assess total embodied carbon for all projects moving forward. GO Logic believes that accounting for operational energy usage only does not provide a complete picture of the impacts of our building choices. They hope that, with a broadened view that includes total carbon, more informed material choices are will be made.

Location: Rockport
Architect: GO Logic
Builder: GO Logic
Construction start: Spring 2019
Construction complete: Spring 2020