Sketching Kennebec Terrace

Architect David Matero designs a house with a bridge in Bath.

The residence, located in Bath, consists of three structures. The entrance, set between the garage and the guesthouse, is a covered bridge hovering above the grade to the upper level of the 1,000-square-foot main house (plus its 800-square-foot basement). As visitors enter, they are treated to majestic views of the Kennebec River through large, triple-glazed windows and doors. The axis of the entrance is terminated with outdoor dining under a pergola.

The main house has a projected HERS rating of 34 (reduced to –11 when factoring in the PV panels), and the guesthouse rating is projected at 47. All of this is made possible thanks to double-thick walls, a very tight envelope, and air-sealing techniques.

The aesthetics of this small compound evolved during design meetings with clients, who wanted to have separate structures for their children, quiet architecture, and a small, easy-to-maintain house. Coming from a neighboring rural setting, the clients wished to be part of the Bath community but still maintain some privacy and a natural feel to their home. Natural materials on the exterior bring a warm and cozy feel to the contemporary shapes of the structures.

Location: Bath
Architect: David Matero Architecture
Interior Designer: Jeanne Handy Designs
Structural Engineer: Trillium Engineering Group
Mechanical Engineer: BuildingWorks LLC
Contractor: Chartier Building & Remodeling
Construction Start: Fall 2021
Construction Complete: Summer 2022

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