A Compact North Haven Home with Ever-Changing Views

Architect Michael Hawkes designed a rectilinear residence that allows the landscape to speak for itself

Settled into the rolling landscape of North Haven, this design is for a compact dwelling where one can soak in the ever-changing view of the rugged coastline. The architecture is intended to sit quietly, letting the landscape be the most prominent feature. On arrival, the presence is muted, a simple rectilinear form clad in a mixture of hardy cedar and fiber cement panels. Once inside, your eye is drawn out through the space toward the view. The living, dining, and kitchen spaces were all placed in one open room, allowing for maximum sun exposure while also harboring the coastal view. The house was designed to be an efficient and economical use of space, resulting in a small footprint that minimizes its disturbance on the land. Minimalist and modest, it is an escape for the owners to enjoy nature and find inspiration for their art.

Prefabrication is a perfect fit for maximizing the small construction window on this remote island. All the building components will be fabricated off-site and ferried as needed. Wall panels, floor and roof framing, and all major structural components will be precut to size, flat packed for simpler transport and delivery, and assembled on-site. With all this careful planning and prefabrication, the house will be weathertight within a very short period of time.

Location: North Haven
Architect: Michael Hawkes, Acorn Deck House
Manufacturer/Prefabricator: Acorn Deck House Builder: Cooper Construction
Engineer: SRG Engineering
Construction start: Summer 2020
Construction complete: Fall 2022

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