Island Retreat

Location: Windsor 
Designer: Chris Grotton, Phi Home Designs
Builder: TBD
Construction Start: Winter 2014
Construction End: Summer 2014

THE DRAWING BOARD – January 2014


In an effort to embrace “island life,” this New York City couple wished to introduce a variety of multiuse spaces to their freshwater island. Through simple forms and strategic relationships, visitors can experience island living as it was meant to be. The boathouse, simply named for its proximity to the water, is intended to blur the lines between inside and out while providing the appropriate level of shelter for those enjoying the water’s edge. Wandering up a trail beyond the first layer of seasoned vegetation reveals additional island structures and integrated gathering space. Designed to embrace outdoor cooking, eating, and entertaining, the cookhouse provides all the interior amenities expected of a rustic lakeside cabin, including the ever-present sleeping loft. The adjacent bathhouse with deckside fireplace built into the exterior wall is semi-tempered by the exposed chimney’s radiant heat and gravity-fed water from a 300-gallon cistern tucked away in the roof rafters. With the exception of various trails leading to waterfront camping sites and scenic vistas, the remaining 18 acres of island exist virtually untouched. When completed, this island retreat will offer the perfect counterbalance to fast-paced urban living and will provide unforgettable memories for future generations.  

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