Fireplace Artistry

ELEMENTS- Jan/Feb 2010 by Debra SparkPhotography Irvin Serrano New ways of constructing the home’s hearth  

The Beauty Above Us

ELEMENTS-June 2009 by Candace KaruPhotography François Gagné Ceilings that soar, soothe, shine, and shape the rooms we live in

Everything is Illuminated

ELEMENTS – MAY 2008 By Candace Karu Photography by Darren Setlow Lighting to flatter every decor form traditional cottage to urban loft

Island Life

ELEMENTS-March 2008 By Joshua Bodwell Photography Darren Setlow Styling Tamara Savage Kitchen Islands at the Heart of the Home’s Heart  

Keepers of the Flame

ELEMENTS-Jan/Feb 2008 By Joshua Bodwell Photography Stacey Cramp Fireplaces that warm with both crackling fires and blazing design

Outdoor Fireplaces

ELEMENTS – JUNE 2007 Photography Brian Vanden Brink Since the allure of an indoor fireplace has become so commonplace, homeowners have sought other ways to enjoy some time beside an open flame. Long popular in more temperate areas such as … Continue reading

Above the Water’s Surface

ELEMENTS – July 2007 Photography Sara Gray A collection of docks that dangles from Maine’s coastlines For the majority of us who live in Maine, we feel an almost inexplicable connection to the water. We want to walk along its … Continue reading

Stone Walls

ELEMENTS – September 2007 Photography Sara Gray Maine’s ever-present element

Garages: Form + Function

ELEMENTS “Garage” from the French word garer, meaning “to shelter.”