Swiss Exchange

When the lauded French designer and refined aesthete Thierry Lemaire first set up his Parisian atelier in 1986, he took purely architectural assignments. But when business dried up due to the economic downturn of the early ’90s, Lemaire decided to try his hand at interior design. The architect never looked back. Today, Lemaire’s portfolio includes standout commissions, from Fendi flagship stores to exquisite furniture collections to high-profile homes in Geneva, Paris, Rabat, and beyond.

Pictured here is one room in a renovated sixteenth-century farmhouse in Gstaad, the jet-setter’s paradise tucked high into the Swiss Alps. Lemaire collaborated on the project with his sister, Geneva-based interior designer Sophie Prezioso. The two said the principal challenge was to conserve the original character of the building while offering a setting for new life.

In Atlas of Interior Design (Phaidon, 2021), a global survey of more than 400 of the most inspirational residential rooms from the past eight decades, author Dominic Bradbury notes how Lemaire carefully restored the original timber walls, f loors, and ceilings of the home, providing a characterful backdrop for several of his own furniture pieces. These include the Niko sofa and a Jeruk coffee table in bronze, “reflecting Lemaire’s love of noble materials and artisanal craftsmanship.” The effect of the sculptural and oversized pieces in a blend of angles and curves is ultra-glam luxury in the spirit of the 1970s.

Feel like making your own local farmhouse exude a certain je ne sais quoi? Here’s this editor’s roundup of nine finds to get you to Gstaad. (Just be sure to pronounce it right.)

1. Lento Black Leather Lounge Chair//
2. Thornton Oval Side Table //
3. Boveda Stone Table Lamp //
4. 12” Plate //
5. David Driskell, Mask Series I 5/20, 2019, linocut, 14¾” x 11¼ //
6. Block Sculpture //
7. Solid Black Cow Hide Rug //
8. Phillips Collection Wedge Solid Coffee Table //
9. Izzah 101″ Fabric Sofa in Blanc Bouclé //

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