Gilded Glamor

STYLE ROOM – March 2014
Susan Grisanti | Editor-in-Chief

There’s a delicate balance when blending an old house with modern finishes. This melded style is a favorite of mine, one that is free from adhering to a specific school of design, and instead flows more organically from how each element relates with the others. The sum of these parts tends to reflect the style of the homeowner in an authentic and highly personalized way. In my powder room the inspiration began with a vintage door my designer Brewster Buttfield and I found last summer while combing through antique shops along Route 1. Brass plumbing fixtures and metallic accents throughout the room are related to the worn, gilded lettering that spells “Ladies” across the glass front of the door. Because the room is so small, it’s easy to get daring with a deep, dark color on the walls, giving this tiny room the impact and personality that every powder room should have. Limestone tile floors in a herringbone pattern and Mark Kelly’s layered artwork add pattern and texture. 

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