Sheer Satisfaction

Krissy Huff and Sally Mosen mix industrial and elegant elements at Heart and Mane

Everything started last March when we came together to look for a space to make our own. wanted to create a hair salon that would be clean and bright, but also cozy and inviting. We wanted it to be a neutral and welcoming space, but we also wanted it to inspire us while we work. We were lucky to find this building on Maple Street with plans for renovation. Realtor and developer Josh Soley worked with us to get our contract in place. He was completely open to our ideas, and we were able to create our own floor plan and pitch it to our contractor, James Steinberg. The four of us worked together through the tedious process of getting the space outfitted for commercial use, and once we were underway, Steinberg and his team were incredible to work with. They went along with our vision and even worked in spur-of-the-moment requests, like tearing out a full wall of old drywall to expose a beautiful original brick wall. We absolutely love this wall. It lends a slight industrial vibe to the space, along with the exposed steel beams that run across our unit. Our space also gets incredible natural light that helps to keep our plants happy and everything bright.

“We balanced the exposed brick and beams with more polished elements, such as an emerald green velvet couch, ornate brass mirrors, and Turkish rugs. Most of our fixtures and decor came from antique shops and flea markets from Ellsworth to Arundel. We found an incredible midcentury credenza at Portland Flea-for-All for our beverage station and coffee bar. Our favorite piece is the vintage “Beauty Salon” sign we discovered at Portland Architectural Salvage. It’s hand painted and fits the space perfectly. Plus, it’s such a conversation starter with our clients. We were also very particular about our shampoo sinks. They needed to be comfortable, and we wanted our clients to be able to fully recline without putting pressure on their necks. We had a dimmer installed so we can adjust the lighting depending on the service being provided, too. Every last detail was considered and now contributes to the overall feeling of warmth and inspiration we wanted to cultivate. The space is a little vintage, a little modern—it’s the perfect balance of both of us.”

–Krissy Huff and Sally Mosen, owners of Heart and Mane

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