Juxtaposed Style

Menswear fashion designer Todd Snyder imbues a lodge at Hidden Pond with his signature style


“Right after our runway show in February, Bryan Barbieri, vice president of public relations for EOS Hospitality Group, contacted us. He really loved the show, loved the L.L.Bean– Mainer point of view, and he wanted me to design the lodge at Hidden Pond. “The pandemic restrictions presented a new challenge—I had to design a space that I hadn’t physically been in yet. I worked closely with Hidden Pond’s design team: Krista Stokes, Louise Hurlbutt, and Gracie Alexander; they were just amazing to work with. I leaned on them to help piece it together, and I’m really happy with the way it came out. The space itself was a great canvas, with amazing Russian oak walls. I used inspiration from the show, such as menswear tweed and herringbone, and mixed in L.L.Bean inspiration with that iconic red and black plaid. We also incorporated orange as our pop of color. When you walk into the space, the first thing you see is an orange door, which helps set the tone for what you’re going to see throughout the space. I also found this amazing original orange George Nelson dresser from 1stDibs. Overall, it’s very chic outdoorsman, but with a cozy cabin feel—and each room has its own vibe.

“A lot of my style is very Americana and classic, but I always try to make sure there’s a mix of sophistication and bohemian. I think that’s really evident in this space because it has everything from wool military blankets to patchwork Persian rugs, and everything is paired with American menswear fabrics: tweed, houndstooth, and herringbone. But the thing I really love is the red and black plaid, which cuts through the space. We re-covered two midcentury modern chairs with the plaid, and to me that kind of epitomizes what the entire state is about. It’s this kind of juxtaposition of modern and outdoorsman and classic, and it’s still vintage even though it feels new.”

—Todd Snyder, menswear designer

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