From Paint to Print

A collaboration between artist friends culminates in a bedroom fit for dreams


“I loved working on this room for the daughter of interior architect and founder of Salon Design Amanda Pratt. The mural, which is titled Lily’s View, was inspired by the view from the family’s home on the beach in Scarborough. The ocean means a lot to the three of us. I taught Amanda to surf on that beach. We love to be out on the water as the sun rises to watch the color change and the beauty; it is an incredible way to start the day.

“Lily, who is the youngest of three girls and is what Amanda would describe as ‘very preco-cious,’ was eight when she came to her mom and said, ‘I feel like my room does not represent who I really am as a person!’ She said she wanted to make something with me, so we started thinking about what we could do that would represent Lily and make her feel truly at home in her room. We proposed trying to capture the sunrise and sunset in front of the house and turning it into a mural. I created two colorways, dawn and dusk. Lily was drawn to the colors reminiscent of the setting sun, so she chose dusk.

“Amanda sent me photographs, and I used those to paint several versions of the view. I have also been to the house many times, and the ink paintings depict the feeling of being there in the summer and fall.

“After completing several paintings, I collaged them on the computer to create one large mural, which includes suns, moons, the ocean, and the brush, and the pine trees edging the sand. The artwork was then digitally enlarged and printed on wallpaper panels. I always use ink to paint, and I love using water to get the inks to bleed into one another to create an ethereal feel.

“Lily absolutely loves how the mural turned out. We had it installed while she was away, so she came home to a brand-new room and now feels like she has a space that is completely her own. We printed the mural onto fabric as well, so she has pillows on her bed that match the wallpaper. It is such a special thing to allow a child to feel like they are part of the creative pro-cess. COVID has been so hard on kids, so this was such a fun way to make being stuck at home feel special.”

—Shanan Campanaro, founder and creative director of Eskayel

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