Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens



CRAFT OF MAINE-August 2010

by Rebecca Falzano | Photography Scott Dorrance

A masterpiece of beauty, both natural and designed

 In 2007 the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens opened in Boothbay Harbor, the culmination of sixteen years of planning, planting, building, and dreaming. One of the few waterfront botanical gardens in the country, its 250 acres of enhanced natural woodlands, ornamental gardens, natural ledge, and tidal saltwater frontage are nothing short of a work of art, a combined effort of both man and nature. Landscape architects from Maine and beyond—Bruce John Riddell from Bar Harbor, Herb Schaal from Colorado, Terrence J. DeWan & Associates from Yarmouth, and Jorgensen Landscaping from Bath—teamed up to complete the gardens. Today, art exhibitions, educational programs, concerts, and other events make the beauty of the gardens accessible to all.


Giles Rhododendron & Perennial Garden

The waterfall was designed by landscape architect Bruce John Riddell of Landart. The prolific plants in the foreground are hayscented ferns (Dennstaedtia punctilobula) and are native to Maine. The waterfall was built by Jorgensen Landscaping of Bath.Lerner-Garden-02


Sound Stones in the Lerner Garden of the Five Senses

The garden and the stones were designed by Colorado landscape architect Herb Schaal. The sound stones were carved by artisans at JC Stone and got their name because they vibrate from sound waves.


Reflexology Labyrinth

Designed by Herb Schaal and installed by Jorgensen Landscaping, the labyrinth is constructed of raised river stones and was designed as a reflexology path. Guests are invited to take off their shoes and socks and walk on the raised stones.





Vayo Meditation Garden

This winding stone path located on the Back River was designed by Bruce John Riddell and constructed with granite stones from quarries across Maine.


Pink Lady-Slipper Orchid

A large population of pink lady-slipper orchid (Cypripedium acaule) live in the forests. These plants tend to thrive better in natural settings like the woods rather than gardens.

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