Q+A with Midcoast Sponsor Camden National Bank




What is your business all about? How did you get started?

Camden National Bank is an independent community bank, headquartered in Camden.  What this means to our customers and communities is that all of our decision-making  is done locally since we firmly believe that Maine people make better decisions for Maine people.  This is the same philosophy introduced by our founding fathers when they established Camden National Bank in 1875. We now serve Maine residents through 37 branch locations, and employ over 425 people.

Why Maine? What about Maine inspires your business?

We call our employees “Stakeholders”, illustrating the passion and dedication to our business, which is to help the people and businesses of Maine reach their goals.  It’s as exciting to us when we help a first-time home buyer as it is when we help a business expand.  Camden National’s inspiration is best described through our Core Purpose: “Through each interaction we will enrich the lives of people, help businesses succeed, and vitalize our communities.”  That is why we live and work in Maine.

Tell us about a standout project of yours…or, about your dream project.

One remarkable aspect of being a Stakeholder of Camden National Bank is the opportunity to help many people and businesses fulfill their dreams. Assisting with homeownership, saving for college or retirement, or aiding businesses are all moments that stand out in our organization’s experience.  Because we are so well-supported by our customers and their own dedication to Maine and its communities, we’re also in a position to help many community organizations throughout the State, whether its soup kitchens, land preservation organizations, hospitals, or local school and student programs.  Each one, large or small, is a standout moment for us.

Who is your ideal customer?

Our ideal customer is one who shares our philosophy of the importance of being local and the desire to help build communities.  Our customers, whether individuals or businesses are also our neighbors… so it’s important to us that we all share the same, common goal.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of your business that set you apart from others in your field?

We provide a unique experience to our customers, distinguishing us from other organizations in our field.  Local, independent decision making is the foundation of our Stakeholder’s capacity to care for our customers.  When we ask our customers what they like about Camden National, they cite ‘friendliness’ and ‘helpfulness’ as the two most-mentioned characteristics.  In order for us to deliver this deep sense of caring and overall experience to our customers, it’s incumbent on us that both our stakeholders and our organization truly believe in our core purpose.


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