Q+A with Midcoast Show Sponsor Bettina Doulton of Cellardoor Winery




Photography by Irvin Serrano

Why Maine? What about Maine inspires your business?

 A confluence of events brought me to Maine and to learning of the Winery being for sale. A visit to the property in Lincolnville on a cold over cast day in December 2006 changed my life. I honestly didn’t know what I was getting myself into on many fronts, but in hindsight don’t think I would have been inspired to do this anywhere else.

The entrepreneurial spirit and the passion for the unique charms and challenges which encapsulate Maine life inspire us to evolve every day. The tightness of the community and ability to get instant feedback crate a great backdrop for trying new things at the winery.



Tell us about a standout project of yours…or, about your dream project.


Thoughts of renovating thebarn at the winery in 2007 still brings a smile to my face. Michael, Kathryn, and Doug of Phi Home Designs had agreed to take on the project with a ridiculous deadline.

Who is your ideal customer?

Not to be difficult, but I, we, don’t use the word “customer.” Sure, at the end of the day, someone who buys something from us is a customer, but this isn’t how we approach what we do. We really think of them as guests – we welcome them, offer a complimentary wine tasting, and most important a break from the ratrace of life.

The “ideal guest” can know a lot about wine, nothing about wine, or some.  Being open minded to sampling, learning, and sharing their thoughts is all that matters. The i_MG_0025deal guest has a wonderful time and brings friends with them on their next visit.

What are the distinguishing characteristics of your business that set you apart from others in your field?

We offer more than “a bottle of wine” to our guests. We take pride in beating guests’ expectations and offering a deep, rich winery experience in Maine. Our primary mission this year is to take the intimidation out of selecting wine and pairing food and wines.





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