2022 Holiday Gift Guide

If money was no object, here's what our staff would have on their wish lists this holiday season

When I moved into my apartment, I inherited the family futon, which has always been a couch of convenience rather than comfort. In a perfect world, I would replace it with the Quilton Modular Sofa from HAY because it comes in a range of colors, has generous dimensions that make it comfortable to sit (or curl up and nap) on, and can serve as a functional statement piece for whatever relative inherits it when I’m looking to downsize later in life.

—Hadley Gibson, associate editor

I have been smitten with the Chilton Nautilus Lounge Chair ever since I discovered the Maine furniture company in the pages of MH+D. I love the clean, fresh style of the chair, the reference to the ocean, and the idea of bringing a piece (or two) of Maine home with me. My holiday-shopping-list mantra has always been “buy local,” and now that I am connected to this beautiful magazine family in Maine, buying local opens a whole new world of opportunity.

—Crystal Murray, editor-in-chief

What makes me truly happy (and productive) is a professionally made cappuccino. The Breville Barista Touch Espresso Machine has a built-in espresso grinder, a touch screen with settings for coffee, espresso, and cappuccino drinks, a three-second heat up time, and options for automatic milk warming, foaming, and steaming. The first step to owning my own B&B!

—Caili Elwell, digital strategist

I’ve been searching for the perfect cake stand for months, and this handblown beauty from BIPOC-owned Estelle Colored Glass is at the top of my list this year. Handmade by artists in Poland, it provides an elegant pop of color that pairs wonderfully with a dusting of sprinkles.

—Becca Abramson, editorial assistant

This tray from Thomas Moser is truly a work of art, crafted right here in Maine using time-honored woodworking techniques. It would be a delight to use this to entertain guests or to set out a decadent breakfast spread…I can think of a million reasons why I need it. This is something I would treasure for years to come.

—Karen Middleton, director of business and partnership development

This Two-Way Side Table from the MoMA Design Store is at the top of my wish list, not only because the transparent acrylic and the two-tone color combo is strikingly unique, but because the table is a versatile shape-shifter. I would use it horizontally as a side table with a shelf for storing magazines and books, or, flipped vertically, it would become my perfect sofa companion for keeping my popcorn—and martini—handy and spill-free on a stay-in Friday night.

—Rachel Hurn, editor of Maine magazine

I finally upgraded the mattress I’ve had since middle school; now I just need to upgrade the bedding. After a little research and a lot of targeted social media ads, I think I’ve found the perfect blanket: the Cloud Cotton Quilt from Parachute. It’s cozy, soft, and stylish enough for year-round use!

—Olivia Ryder, production manager

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