House on a Wharf

This new residence on a small coastal harbor will occupy roughly the same footprint as the dilapidated ticket house that had stood here since the early twentieth century. The old structure, which recently fell into disrepair, had many uses over the years. In addition to servicing the steamers arriving along the coast, it at various times functioned as an apartment house, a laundromat, and a summer home.

To shore up the site, the stone wharf has been raised, and the new house will be placed on piers to comply with floodplain regulations, elevating the structure above the high tides that periodically washed into the living room of the preexisting house. A deck will wrap the first-floor perimeter, grounding the new building and creating outdoor spaces that take advantage of the inimitable site while also creating a connection to the tiny guesthouse/studio that sits adjacent, suspended on piles above the surface of the water below.

Location: Midcoast Maine
Architect: Elliott & Elliott Architecture
Project Team: JT Loomis & Matt Elliott, AIA Landscape Architect: Richardson & Associates
Structural Engineer: Becker Structural Engineers
Lighting Designer: Peter Knuppel Lighting Design
Interior Designer: Lisa Morris by Design
Construction start: May 2018
Construction complete: August 2019

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