Letter from the Editor – April 2012


By Susan Grisanti, Rebecca Falzano, and Heidi Kirn

Photography Sean Alonzo Harris

The Art Issue.

On the day we took this photo we walked across the street to Greenhut Galleries who—in the midst of putting up their biennial Portland Show—were kind enough to provide the backdrop for our art issue photo. During the shoot we kept stopping to admire the work of artists who over the years have become near and dear to us, and whose work we so greatly admire: David Driskell, Linden Frederick, Robert Shetterly, Ben Coombs, Andre LaPorte, John Whalley. So many talented artists in one space. And really, so many talented artists in one state. This issue celebrates the great fortune we have to live in a place where artists come to quench their creative thirst. A place that enjoys a rich, storied art history—where the landscape, spirit, and light all combine to create a perfect storm for the imagination. A place where even those who don’t create are part of the ecosystem in their own way: supporting, promoting, and collecting the art of those who do.  

Susan Grisanti
[email protected]

Rebecca Falzano
Managing Editor
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Heidi Kirn
Art Director
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