Letter from the Editor- March 2012


By Rebecca Falzano and Heidi Kirn

Photography C.A. Smith Photography

Every so often we receive a hand-written note in the mail from a reader named Morris. Morris doesn’t own a computer, use email, or have a cell phone (“apparently this makes me extinct—a dinosaur” he quips), so we are pen pals, writing back and forth the “old-fashioned” way.

Morris is the talented Morris Dorenfeld, a rug weaver whose abstract weavings suggest the symmetry of reflections, mirrored images, land- and seascapes. He moved to Maine more than 30 years ago to live in balance with nature, and his work reflects that. In a recent letter he writes, “Life in our highly technological world moves far too swiftly for my comfort. Slow and steady wins my race. Hence, Maine: rural, coastal living, and weaving.” After all, he says, “one cannot rush hand-weaving on a loom.”

Dorenfeld’s weavings remind us of the homes on our pages: woven together piece by piece, shaped slowly over time. The tapestry of a home is an intricate one, crafted by many hands. It is also one that is always evolving. Houses are built, renovated, added to, subtracted from, rearranged, refreshed. Homeowners change too: their families expand and contract, their circumstances ever changing. The homes in this issue were created slowly and deliberately, curated over time, with great thought and intention. They are excellent reminders that the process—this journey of making a home—is not one to rush. It’s one to savor.  

Rebecca Falzano
Managing Editor
[email protected]

Heidi Kirn
Art Director
[email protected]

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