Letter from the Editor

June 2009

by Susan Grisanti Kelley

Just days before closing up work on this issue, I went to an Open Studio hosted by the Portland Museum of Art Contemporaries at the Artist Studio Building on Congress Street. There, I got to see the work of 35 of Portland’s talented artists, meet some of them, and get an inside look at the spaces in which they create. The spirit of creative camaraderie in the halls and throughout the building mixed with the light and vibes of downtown Portland drifting in through open windows. The energy was palpable. Artist and PMA curator Sage Lewis addressed the group and made note of the contribution that architect and building owner Christopher Campbell offers to artists by providing them affordable studio space within the heart of the city, which in turn, sustains the creative environment of Portland’s downtown.


A number of conversations I had that evening centered around news that had begun to circulate about our acquisition of Port City Life magazine. For months, we’ve considered intriguing editorial ideas that didn’t quite fit within the scope of MH+D, but would be more suited for a lifestyle magazine such as PCL. We’ve also been told by our readers that they would welcome a magazine talking about the “now” Maine. Sure enough, many of these discussions included exciting subjects that could be delved into our re-imagined new publication. Publisher Kevin Thomas and I believe there are stories about Maine’s vibrant arts scene, incredible restaurants, and collection of interesting citizens that should be told—stories about the Maine that attracted so many of us to make a life here from faraway places and the Maine that keeps those of us who were lucky enough to grow up here.

Next month, subscribers will receive the last issue of PCL with their copy of MH+D, and in September we launch our new publication. We are so excited to be able to share even more of Maine with you. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this issue.

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