Something New, Something Old

The designers were contacted during the summer of 2019 by the owner of the oldest cottage on Beaver Mountain Lake, formerly known as Long Pond, in Rangeley. The cottage, called Cliff Cottage due to its location on a cliff overlooking a small island in the lake, was deteriorated and not a candidate for revitalization. The decision was made to rebuild the cottage in the current location, saving as many significant details and aspects of the original cottage as possible. The designers worked closely with the owner to keep the new cottage feeling historical, adding details such as red interior stairs, which were a feature in the original Cliff Cottage. They also plan to reuse several of the original windows as interior windows. The goal is to have Cliff Cottage 2.0 feel familiar to the owner and her family while it continues to thrive as a gathering place for generations to come.

Location: Beaver Mountain Lake, Rangeley
Designer: Jill Crosby, Rangeley Building and Remodeling
Builder: Rangeley Building and Remodeling
Construction start: December 2019
Construction complete: June 2020

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