Reuse + Restoration

The last remaining historic farmstead in this Newburyport, Massachusetts, industrial park is underutilized and in need of restoration. The property owner’s vision is to restore the historic structure while adding a new contrasting contemporary addition, a new barn, and a brewery to create a destination that diversifies the site with a variety of uses and experiences. The historic building and its addition will become a cooperative workspace with shared amenities.

A new timber-framed barn structure is slated to become a unique and spacious function hall available for a variety of events for up to 100 people. The entire site includes plans for an additional brewery building with a taproom and restaurant that will accommodate up to 175 people. This pastoral site will be available to the community of Newburyport and beyond with a pedestrian, campus-style property connecting a variety of work, function, and hospitality spaces.

Location: Newburyport, Massachusetts
Architect: Brandon Holben, AIA|LEED, Winter Holben Architecture + Design
Builder: JJ Welch
Construction start: Summer 2020
Construction complete: Spring 2021

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