Wandering River Home

The design of this home located beside a river reveals a strong relationship between its interior and exterior spaces. The client was interested in using a sustainable approach; however, there was an existing log cabin on the site that was outdated and required substantial work. The old cabin was removed piece by piece to allow the team to salvage as much of the wood, finishes, and fixtures as possible, to be donated for reuse.

The new modern structure is an energy-efficient three-bedroom home that uses the existing foundation systems. The clients wanted the home to reflect their interest in outdoor living and activities. The new design takes advantage of views of the river with interior spaces that open up to expansive decks, a screened porch, and a large patio. Windows line the eastern, southern, and western elevations, providing natural lighting, solar heating in the winter, and views to the exterior. There is an addition on the south end of the home that includes a den and owners’ bedroom suite on the first floor, with the two additional bedrooms and a bathroom on the second floor. Located two-and-a-half stories up, a “treehouse,” or lookout space with rectangular window slots is reminiscent of the old look-out towers found along Casco Bay.

The structure has a robust building envelope that includes 2-by-8-inch wood studs, dense-packed cellulose insulation, insulated ZIP R sheathing on the exterior, and triple-glazed windows. Energy-efficient systems include an advanced energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system, and heat pumps for heating and cooling.

Location: Yarmouth
Architect: Briburn
Design Team: Harry Hepburn & Ian Parlin
Builder: Sylvain & Sevigny Custom Builders
Construction start: Fall 2019
Construction complete: Summer 2020

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