New Tradition

As Hendricks Churchill’s first project in Maine, this is a new construction of a 3,000-square-foot traditional house with an attached barn. The firm started by looking for the “quintessential Maine country house” and landed on the “big house, little house, back house, barn” model in the design brief with the client. The home is located on an idyllic seven-acre meadow. Rafe Churchill notes the style is well suited to the approved buildable area and natural landscape. He finds the key to the success of a design is in the choices of siding and roofing materials: with changes in color and texture, the building will look truly authentic and unique. The owners, who have followed Hendricks Churchill on Instagram for some time and noted their travels to Maine, were looking for a traditional house with a connected barn that could satisfy their love of old houses while providing a slightly more minimalist interior—something almost Shaker inspired. Although the structure includes a connected barn, the overall scale is understated. Hendricks Churchill was able to manage the square footage by finishing both the attic and basement. The attic includes two offices for the owners, who are both now working from home.

Location: Falmouth
Architect: Hendricks Churchill
Construction start: October 2020
Construction complete: July 2021

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