Mod Modular

Location: Scarborough

This custom modular home nestled on wooded acreage features a 1,800-square-foot interior with an additional 800 square feet of outdoor living space in the form of a deck and porches. Kevin Browne Architecture in Falmouth, in collaboration with Oxford’s Schiavi Custom Builders, developed a design with piers and a small foundation with the intention of minimizing the home’s impact on the site. The vertical siding and piers mimic the lines of the surrounding forest, giving the structure a youthful, treehouse feel. Upon entering from the suspended entry porch, you are welcomed by the sophistication of an open-concept layout, where the boundaries delineating indoors from out are indistinct. A screened-in living room on the main level and a sleeping porch adjacent to the owners’ suite on the second level offer magical places to nap or read.

The home’s eco-friendly features go beyond its solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and low-maintenance eastern white cedar cladding: the factory- controlled modular building process generates a quarter of the materials waste of conventional construction. With 90 percent of construction taking place in the factory, traffic to and from the site is also greatly diminished.