Cozy Cabin

Location: Cupsuptic Lake Architect: David Matero Architecture Contractor: N/A Construction start: 2016 Construction complete: 2016

The Drawing Board – September 2015


Nestled in the woods along a winding and wooded path, this small cabin will enjoy sunny views of Cupsuptic Lake in the Rangeley area.

Despite its being only 700 square feet (including the double-thick walls), David Matero Architecture was able to efficiently lay out two bedrooms, a bathroom/ laundry, and a great room by locating the entrance in the middle, greatly reducing the need for circulation and hallways. The owners’ wish list included energy-efficient and simple design, small size, cost-effectiveness, and a modern feel. The family of four will use this cabin mostly in the summer and, due to such an energy-efficient design, will be able to use it in the middle of Rangeley’s notorious winter season as well. Elements that will help enlarge this cabin perceptually are triple-glazed windows pushed to the corners, giving the impression of larger rooms and bouncing light farther into the interior spaces, built-in bunk beds, and unique storage solutions, including low cabinets in the bathroom that correspond with high bookshelves on the opposite side of the wall, in the living room. The cedar shingles, shed roof, and low profile create the real essence of a cabin, which will allow the family to enjoy the natural beauty of the Rangeley area.