Blended Addition

The clients wanted to add living, bedroom, and garage spaces to an existing cottage-style home with a minimalist modern addition. Because the existing home was located within a quaint and quiet neighborhood, it was important to the clients and design team to maintain a scale appropriate to the context (while providing the additional space the program required). To achieve this goal, the addition was added to the rear of the existing structure so that it tucks into the site behind the existing sweeping roofline. The addition is hidden from the street and reveals itself as a visitor moves through various spaces around the outside of the building, including the driveway, the gardens and outdoor dining space, and the roof deck. The original detailing of the existing home was preserved and restored through the renovation and is complemented by the simple rectilinear addition to the rear. The clapboard and shake siding, along with the rusticated stone work on the existing home, are being finished with a monochromatic paint, bringing in detail with shadow and texture in lieu of contrasting siding and trim colors. The exterior of the new addition is composed primarily of Maine cedar that will age in place and create a darker palette of silver/gray over time, further blending it in with the natural surroundings of the neighborhood. The project also features several elements related to sustainability, including solar panels, electric-vehicle charging stations, a state-of-the-art home battery system, and areas of integrated plantings on the roof.

Location: South Portland
Architect: Matthew Ahlberg, AIA, Barrett Made
Builder: Rob Barrett, Barrett Made
Other Project Contributors: Block Brothers Custom Cabinets, ReVision Energy, Gilligan’s Gardens
Construction start: Spring/summer 2018
Construction complete: Spring/summer 2019

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