A Cottage with a View

Dynamic views of the ocean are the primary design focus for a cottage that stands alone on Cape Neddick Beach. Without any close neighbors, the site receives a considerable amount of sunshine and ocean breezes. Ample light and views over the water are captured through strategically placed windows.

The cottage sits on a challenging site, with setback constraints from both the water and the street. During bad storms, the existing house had fallen victim to water lapping against its window because of the low site and high water. The new design raises the cottage on piers while adhering to required height limits based on the structure’s proximity to the ocean.

Footprint constraints and varying height limitations compelled the cottage to take on an angled, linear form. Opposing roof slopes work to optimize ocean-view windows while creating harmony between the two different height limits. Several decks, material changes, and wall depressions balance the composition along the length of the cottage.

Location: Cape Neddick Beach
Architect: Kevin Browne
Design Team: Kevin Browne, Bonnie Wedster & Neil Yarumian
Construction start: September 2019
Construction complete: June 2020

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