Seaside Landscape

THE DRAWING BOARD – October 2013

Longtime residents of this seaside beach community, the clients found themselves with the opportunity to create their dream home, not along the ocean’s edge but ever so slightly inland, adjacent to a gorgeous saltwater marsh. With breathtaking views out to the marsh and river, landscape architects Callahan + LeBleu had a considerable advantage with “the borrowed landscape” at their service. Much of this project is about the views to that borrowed landscape. The building was designed to showcase the view, which is fully framed by five adjacent full-height windows from the main living area. The goal is to make the new landscape blend seamlessly and transition from the marsh to garden.

In this case, creating a strong vegetative buffer of shrubs, grasses, and perennials is critical. The buffer will absorb stormwater and help filter pollutants and sediment before reaching the wetland. By using plants native to the coast of Maine, the landscape architects will visually tie the site to the surroundings but also provide food and shelter to native insects, birds, and fauna.   

Location: Higgins Beach

Landscape Architect: Callahan + LeBleu

Architect: Winkelman Architecture

General Contractor: Trademark Inc.

Construction Complete: Fall 2013

Callahan + LeBleu:, 


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