Bright-Minded Home – October 2013

By Melissa Coleman

Q+A with Angela Adams on bringing the outside in

Since founding their company, Angela Adams, in 1998, Angela Adams and Sherwood Hamill have been creating contemporary furniture, rugs, and tapestries that bring the clean lines, shapes, and colors of nature into the home. We asked them how they do it so well.

Q: What’s the key to replicating the natural world in your designs?

A: I see beauty and natural patterns and colors in nature every day. Translating those inspirations into textiles or other designs is a dream job. The key for me is making the time and having the peace of mind to absorb that beauty and get the ideas into my sketchbook. Life can be crazy and distracting and if we do not tune in, we can miss amazing moments in the natural world.

Walking to work is a luxury that helps me to be more in synch with migrating birds, the weather, our neighborhood. We spend as much time as possible on the water and in the woods and that’s the best way for me to recalibrate and get back in synch with nature, even when life or work is a bit intense.

Q: What goals do you have for creating sustainable products?

A: Sherwood and I strive to design textiles and furniture that will last for generations. We also look for locally and responsibly made materials and all our manufacturers sign a code of conduct to be socially and environmentally responsible.

Q: What’s new on the horizon?

A: We’re working on a new collection that will launch in the coming months. What’s brewing in our sketchbooks is always exciting to us.  

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