Design Wire – March 2014

DESIGN WIRE – March 2014

Fogg Lighting has started carrying fixtures by Vermont-based Hubbardton Forge. The lighting company produces a wide array of hand-forged lighting fixtures, and while they are known for their traditional black twist chandeliers, their line has since expanded to accommodate more modern designs. Now their traditional and contemporary designs of chandeliers, exterior lighting, and lamps can be seen in Fogg Lighting’s Portland Showroom, the only retail space exhibiting their designs in New England.

Once upon a time, chemical flame retardants were required on all furniture sold in California, but in recent years, the chemicals were found to be both ineffective and toxic. In November 2013 the legislation was reversed, making the carcinogenic flame retardants prohibited in California by January 1, 2015. Here in Maine, Endicott Home Furnishings is ahead of the curve; they removed the chemicals from their furniture a year ago because they did not think the chemicals were healthy for their customers. Now this small, Scarborough-based furniture store offers nontoxic upholstery and ships to 48 states, including California.

Caleb Johnson Architects & Builders is expanding the construction side of their firm. To aid in this effort, they recently hired Andy Herbine as the director of construction.

According to landscape designer Ted Carter, March is the time to be thinking about your garden. Carter installed a biodynamic garden in his own backyard last year. The ancient technique seems to be gaining traction as of late. “Biodynamic gardening is like organic gardening times three in terms of adding nutritional value to your food,” he says. The technique is about healthy soil, no fertilizer or pesticides, but also about keeping in tune with cosmic forces and planetary alignment at certain times of the month and year while planting, pruning, and harvesting.

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