Art Spotlight

Layered Visions

Megan Hinton, Jan Roy, and Hannah Bureau paint abstract, atmospheric views. Employing geometric forms and defined brushwork as well as rich layers of paint, these artists are able to achieve well-balanced compositions enlivened by color and texture.

Fire & Ice

Brenda Cirioni paints fire with vivid intensity. Basil Gorrill’s mixed-media works feature complementary hues that evoke winter’s chill and summer’s heat. Jane Yudelman’s photographs of ice are striking in their color and texture. These artists explore fire and ice, opposites … Continue reading

Cities on the Edge

Winslow Myers, Wade Zahares, and Greta Van Campen have built urban visions on the edge of realism and abstraction. Employing a variety of techniques, these artists depict familiar cityscapes in unique ways.

Winter Wonderland

Snow is a magical subject for a painting. The landscape, blanketed in white, takes on an otherworldly appearance. Using surrealism, unorthodox colors, and unusual materials, David Vickery, Linda Murray, and Jill Valliere present snow scenes in nontraditional ways.

Earth Spirits

The act of sculpting raw materials into a work of art is a visceral process that taps into the primitive, elemental aspects of nature. Kazumi Hoshino, Antoinette Prien Schultze, and Richard Alden transform stone into sculptures inspired by the vitality … Continue reading

Beneath the Surface

The Canvas Layered imagery offers visual interest, but it also facilitates an interaction with the viewer, as he or she is compelled to delve deeper into an artwork’s meaning. Hélène Farrar, Carol Wiley, and Cig Harvey place the figure in … Continue reading

Vivid Landscapes

The Canvas – July 2015 by Jamie Thompson Mary Brooking, William Hallett, and Phoebe Porteous bring natural landscapes to life with bold, vivid color. Favoring hues that provoke an emotional response, these artists make paintings that celebrate color in all … Continue reading