Dug Up

  OUTTAKE-August 2010 Photography Irvin Serrano The crews at Gnome Landscapes unearth plenty of odds and ends while working on garden job sites. A handful of these artifacts, still caked in dirt, hang like an archaeological still life near their … Continue reading

A Colorful Past

  OUTTAKE-June 2010 Photography Irvin Serrano This brass box contains bedroom keys, a leftover from when Portlaw, as the Camden home is called, was still an inn. Upstairs, the bedrooms still have their brass knockers. “We wanted,” says homeowner Stephanie … Continue reading

Pipe Dream

  OUTTAKE-March 2010 by Paul Theroux, Photo by Jaime Ardiles-Arce “The plumber has a flair for the abstract,” according to architect Ken Schiano of QA13 Architects, here, admiring (and pondering) the intricate installation of piping and controls for a hot-water … Continue reading