Uncovering the Past

OUTTAKE-September 2011 Photography TRENT BELL “One of the most interesting parts of this project was that we were working on the site of an old quarry. As I did my own quarrying on-site more than 100 years later, I came … Continue reading

Hidden Design Treasure

OUTTAKE-August 2011 Photography Scott Dorrance ”With pool design, there is always the issue of where to house the mechanicals. Whether in a nearby storage shed or behind a screen planting, these utilitarian elements must be accommodated. My inspiration for the … Continue reading

Small Fish, Small Pond

OUTTAKE-July 2011 Photography Irvin Serrano  At the turn of the century, this pond next to one of the oldest homes in South Berwick used to be an active stream until it was dammed up in the 1950s. Today, it’s a … Continue reading

No Corner Left Uncurated

    OUTTAKE-June 2011 Photography Nicole Wolf Interior stylist and host extraordinaire Krista Stokes devotes a chair in the corner of her guest room to what she calls “Concierge Services”: a suitcase containing an assortment of sundries and toiletries, maps, and anything … Continue reading

Chicken or the Egg?

OUTTAKE-April 2011 Photography Nicole Wolf   “I was creatively stuck at the time and having difficulty making radical changes in the direction of my work so I came up with this idea of making the chicken the excuse for the … Continue reading

Over the Rainbow

OUTTAKE-March 2011 Photography Nicole Wolf The Brahms Mount color palette is a constantly evolving, living entity shaped by the company’s observation of trends, art, and culture. In any given week, the palette may change several times or not at all. … Continue reading

High Hopes

OUTTAKE-January/February 2011 Photography Trent Bell When she was looking for a wedding photographer, Alyse Trudo came across some photos of couples using skis as their wedding guestbook. She liked the idea and talked to her then-fiance, Rich Oliver, about it. … Continue reading

A Great Escape

OUTTAKE-November/December 2010 Photography Joe Fiedler Located deep in downeast Maine, this house in Roque Bluffs was the first “road job” for the construction crew at Bucksport-based Nate Holyoke Builders. For the length of the project, the team called the Machias … Continue reading

Captains’ Salute

  OUTTAKE-October 2010 Photography Irvin Serrano The captains of Bolero hung this bottle of rum off the end of the main boom as a salute to the boatbuilders at Rockport Marine who restored this 61-year-old racing yawl to her original … Continue reading

Found in the Foundry

  OUTTAKE-September 2010 Photography Irvin Serrano     At Somerset Sculpture and Foundry, owner Digby Veevers-Carter and independent contractor Peter Dransfield prepare to remove molten bronze from the furnace. The bronze will then be poured into a mold for a … Continue reading