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Light Up Your Home With These Editor-Approved Fixtures

Anyone with a background in design will tell you that layering light is essential when planning out a room. Effectively combining the big three—ambient, task, and accent lighting—creates depth and dimension, giving your home a balanced feel without harsh glares … Continue reading

Katrina Kelley of Amphitrite Studio on Timeless Textiles and Following Your Passion

Katrina Kelley learned to sew at the early age of 4. Nearly 40 years later, she’s turned her creative practice into a thriving business designing and stitching home goods—including napkins, tablecloths, towels, aprons, and more—with long-lasting fibers in simple, earthy … Continue reading

Mark Ferguson of Brant & Cochran on Preserving the Traditional Craft of Axe Making in Maine

When Mark Ferguson’s brother, Steve, couldn’t find a high-quality, American-made axe for his son entering forestry school, the two men decided they needed to take action. Drawing inspiration (and the name Brant & Cochran) from their late grandfather’s tool supply … Continue reading

14 Flawless Backsplash Ideas for Any Interior Aesthetic

Whether you favor clean and classic subway tile or a pop of color and texture, incorporating a backsplash into your kitchen or bathroom isn’t just functional—it’s plenty of fun. Though backsplashes were traditionally meant to prevent water and grease from … Continue reading

Find Out Who Won MHD’s 2023 Makeover Contest

This summer we asked MH+D readers to send us before and after photos of a home renovation project they were particularly proud of. After reviewing the submissions, our editorial team selected one lucky winner to receive a one-year subscription to … Continue reading

Cloud Nine

In the world of interior design, writes the editor of House of Joy (Gestalten, 2022), “the word joy is increasingly floating around. Tidiness guru Marie Kondo built her empire on the simple question: does it spark joy? The answer, . … Continue reading

Coral Crush

The Pantone Institute named “Living Coral” its Color of the Year back in 2019, and as color trends tend to go, it took a couple of years for such a fashion-forward hue to seep its way into the home space. … Continue reading

Salt of the Earth

“This kitchen was part of a house renovation that included building two additions onto the original structure. When I met with the client, she showed me a one-off saltshaker that she owns; she wanted to use the tableware as the … Continue reading


This is not your typical oceanfront home. The decor is not in seaside hues, nor is the upholstery striped. There are no nautical flags on the pillows. Placid harbor scenes in watercolors, and violent crashing ocean waves in oils are … Continue reading

Design Wire March/April 2023

In a step toward addressing the growing affordable housing shortage in Maine, the UNIVERSITY OF MAINE ADVANCED STRUCTURES AND COMPOSITES CENTER (ASCC) has unveiled the BIOHOME3D, a 3D-printed house made from recycled forest materials. Created in partnership with MAINE HOUSING … Continue reading