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Bright-Minded Home October 2016

Q+A with Neal Herriot of Foard Panel on the eco-benefits of structural insulated panels 


Bright-Minded Home September 2016

Q+A with Ted Carter and Bennett Steele on setting up an eco-friendly, organic vegetable and herb garden


Bright-Minded Home

Q+A with Fortunat Mueller of ReVision Energy on adding solar panels to a preexisting structure


Bright-Minded Home June 2016

Q+A with Portland architects Scott Simons and Austin Smith on the sustainable principles behind the city’s new Casco Bay Lines Ferry Terminal

2015-07-14 MHD Kbunk Tur © Jeff Roberts Imaging (17)

Bright-Minded Home May 2016

Q+A with Crystal Wilson of Douston Construction and architect Brian Beaudette on recycling elements of n old hotel into a new home.


Bright-Minded Home April 2016

Q+A with artist Eric Leppanen on another way to recycle paint Thanks to the new statewide paint-recycling program operated by PaintCare, it’s now easy to recycle unused paint at locations across Maine. There’s also Belfast artist Eric Leppanen, who has … Continue reading


Bright-Minded Home March 2016

Q+A with Gunther Kragler of GO Logic, on Passive House and Net-Zero Design