Aligned Design

“We are tastemakers, not taste followers, so we need to research and be creative,” says art dealer Pierre Marie Giraud in For Art’s Sake (Rizzoli, 2020). His partner, art dealer Xavier Hufkins, believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being surrounded by art. The couple’s Brussels apartment is well curated with a mixture of Parisian and Japanese art and ceramics, set alongside contemporary and midcentury pieces. A Kenzo Tange bench from 1960, which was originally meant for a museum, and two 1930s Heal and Son Arts and Crafts book chairs anchor the living room.

Curating an art-filled interior takes time, patience, and a willingness to spend money on the items that truly speak to you. “Collecting is an act of courage,” says Giraud. “It’s a risk, but I prefer to be broke than have regrets.”

1. Erich Dieckmann Bauhaus Chair //
2. Large Turquoise Vase by Devenney Pottery //
3. Akari 10A //
4. Noir Sango Bench //
5. Cherry Dish //
6. Jasper Ottoman in Chalk //
7. Handcrafted Maine by Katy Kelleher //
8. Evergreen Cotton Velvet Pillow //
9. “Fog” by Lyle J. Salmi //

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