Child’s Play

by Jeanne Handy

An outdoorsy room by Jeanne Handy is inspired by childhood whimsy.  

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“There are three influences in my life that continue to shape my design philosophy. The first is my mother, whose superb sense of color and ‘less-is-more’ philosophy have proven to be a solid starting point for all of the projects that have come my way. The second is my interior design mentor, with whom I had the good fortune to apprentice for three years when I first entered this business over 15 years ago. Among countless valuable lessons, one of the things she taught me stands out as the lens through which I view every design challenge: when considering a space, strive for a successful union of the style preferences of the client, the presentation of the space itself (including the site), and the desired function. The third influence is always evolving. It is all the things I learn along the way, such as the importance of not only the client’s aesthetic but the client as a whole, or how lucky we are to live in an area where the talent of local craftspeople and the pluck of local business is spectacular. The client in this case is a creative, spirited, very busy 10-year-old (and his parents) who feels a kinship with the outdoors. His room provides a place for sweet dreams and quiet time. It has hardwood floors and big windows with wood blinds. He finds comfort in a rocking chair with a favorite book and an old friend. The color scheme and theme reflect the Maine outdoors and the potential and whimsy of this child in particular, and of youth in general. The room will easily grow with him by means of simple changes of art and pillows. Each piece was sourced locally.”

1. Standing Scaffold Bed in Blue #5


2. More Square Dresser in Blue #5


3. Shutter Mirror in Green #7


4. The Branching Bookshelf StumpSprout Design Build

5. Rocking Chair

Vermont Folk Rocker

6. Four-Panel Natural Table Lamp

Ember Grove

7. Acadia’s Stars Rug

Sara Hotchkiss

8. Mermaid Napper

The Maine Blanket

Nanne Kennedy

9. Sunshine Lily Paint Color

Martin Senour

10. Mr. Hoo and Froggie Pillows

Erin Flett

11. Cotton Sateen Bedding in Lemon


12. Verdura Cotton/Linen Day Blanket

Brahms Mount

13. Red Birch Oil Finish Flooring

Atlantic Hardwoods

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