Room for Family



STYLE ROOM-October 2011

by Ariana Fischer


Mainers are independent people—embracing nature, confident in their individuality, private, and collectors of treasures (be it tumbled rocks or works of art). My approach to design comes from a lifetime of being imbued with this spirit, where true eclecticism is an expression of one’s own variant tastes and life experiences. I have always been attracted to natural materials, light, and the balance of textures and colors found in the most extreme or surprising environments. When designing spaces for people, I seek to understand their personal history, aspirations, and lifestyle so that I can create spaces that genuinely reflect them. In designing a family room, we need to be honest: it is where we go to read the paper, watch TV, and connect with family and friends. Everything in it should be relaxed, inviting, and durable. A sectional or two long, enveloping sofas placed kitty-corner to each other is the best way for everyone to have equal viewing of the TV or a fireplace. Plus, there should be an armchair for those who don’t like getting cozy on the sofa. Task lighting for readers and knitters. Throw pillows and blankets for color, balance, and nestling in. A desk for projects and homework. I like to integrate media among books and artwork, and fully embrace sentimentality by hanging kids’ artwork and family photos.

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1. Brown Checkered & Dragon Pillows
Tamara Magel

2. Scottish Lambswool Throw
Paulette Rollo

3. Moroccan Rug
Landry and Arcari

4. “Cream Froth” Eggshell for Walls
Benjamin Moore

5. Wicker Round Coffee Table
Hickory Chair

6. Chris Set of Four Trays
Hickory Chair

7. Rada Coffee Table
Quadrus Studio

8. “Simply White” High Gloss for Trim
Benjamin Moore

9. Bolton Sofa
Cisco Brothers

10. Lofthouse Lamp
Visual Comfort

11. Mayfair Tufted Chair
Ralph Lauren

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